Home Maintenance Services For Seniors

Our Home Maintenance services at Home By Choice Solutions are tailored specifically to Seniors and disabled persons. We offer several choices for keeping your home functional, well maintained, and most importantly safe.

Many of our clients use us when they live far from loved ones and cannot check in as often as they like, or for Seniors that are looking for dedicated, background checked, honest professionals, who will tell it to them straight with no hidden or unnecessary fees.


One at a Time Service Calls

We can visit your home on your request and conduct a 50-point home maintenance and safety inspection. This will include the inspection of the home’s conditions, recommendations as to what work can be done to make the home safer, and information on all your homes pertinent systems and their functionality. We will check for the proper operation of HVAC systems, fire safety devices, plumbing systems, electrical and lighting, and appliances; and conduct a visual exterior analysis and a home safety inspection covering safety concerns for current or future use. Upon completion, we can recommend or provide no obligation estimates for any repairs or improvements that you feel are necessary. This is a great option for those people who are still extremely independent, but could use assistance taking care of the logistics of home ownership and maintenance. 

On Call Handyman Services


We provide professional handyman services to all Seniors and disabled individuals. We have competitive rates and quick response times.


Check-In Service 

Are you living away from your Senior or disabled loved one and stress over not being able to visit often to check on their home’s condition? Or maybe you have your own large, busy family and can’t dedicate your time to handyman work? At Home By Choice Solutions, we offer a check-in service that can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. With this service, we will visit your loved one’s home at a predetermined day and time. During these visits, we will first and foremost, visit with and check on your loved one, before inspecting the home for safety and security issues such as burnt out light bulbs, broken appliances, slow drains, furnace filters, general home safety issues, and finally, report to you our findings. We can also include in this service-specific tasks that we can take care of, such as changing batteries in remotes, clocks, smoke and CO2 detectors, etc. This is an affordable solution to keeping your loved ones home up to par and safe. Contact us for a proposal based on your needs.


Home Technology 

We can help with the setting up of new internet services, WiFi, smart phones, tablets, and computer connectivity, as well as the up-and-coming smart home technology devices that are becoming very popular. From motion sensors to live video feeds, life alert systems, smart thermostats, and smart lock systems, these are all things we can set up, and that will help you feel sure that your loved one is safe a secure.

If you’re interested in utilizing or learning more about any of the skills we’ve mentioned, contact us today!

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With over 20 years of residential construction and design experience serving the Chicagoland area, Home By Choice Solutions specializes in home modifications and retrofits for aging seniors and disabled individuals. We recognize that there is a large population of people who aren’t considered when buildings go up — and that’s just wrong. Our goal is to make amazing, functional homes that keep our clients and their loved ones safe, happy, and independent.